About Kayla Alden Photography | KC Newborn Photographer

Hi there!  I’m Kayla and I’m so honored that you are visiting this site to learn more about my photography.  Truly, sincerely honored.

A little about me:

I’m a wife to my college sweetheart, Brad, and a mom to West, Sam, and baby Josie.  They keep me very, very busy but also keep me laughing all day.

I’m born and raised in the KC area.  I went to college at Missouri State University (SMS back then!) and received my B.S. in Biology, and then went to MU and received my Master of Public Health.  I worked at the Clay County health department as the health planner until my first son was born in 2011, which is when my husband gifted me with my very first DSLR.  I had always loved documenting our travels, but my love for photography grew to a new level when it came to documenting my own family, and then other families!

I love all things pregnancy and baby related.  The anticipation of meeting the soul who’s growing and kicking inside you each day.  Of wondering what he’ll look like, act like, sound like.  The life-changing moment your baby is placed on your chest and you simultaneously exhale relief and joy and love like you’ve never quite experienced.   Those first days where you can – and do! – sit in awe and watch your new baby breathe in and out, in and out for hours on end and it’s so peaceful and perfect it makes you want to cry.  And, I know it’s crazy, but I appreciate the hard parts too.  There is so much uncertainty those first days (or was that just me?!), so much exhaustion, sooooo many hormones.  It can all be overwhelming.  And that’s a huge reason I love newborn photography – I love being able to sit with new moms and affirm them.  You are doing a wonderful job.  It will get easier.  You will catch up on sleep someday.  Even though you can’t believe it, your love for your baby will continue to grow every day even when you think your heart is already about to burst.  Yep, I agree, being a mama most definitely is the best thing in the world.  While hanging out and loving on moms and their sweet babes, I also get the amazing job of freezing time so that the details and moments can be remembered forever, even through that newborn haze.

A few more loves of mine:  Jesus, traveling, Dr. Pepper, Amazon Prime, movie nights at home with popcorn and M&Ms, and my mini van with automatic sliding doors (yes, I have no shame in my mini van game).

And last but certainly not least, I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of these tender moments and to help you remember them forever!

I’d love to hear from you!  You can follow me on Facebook and contact me to book your session.

KC Newborn/Maternity/Family Photographer