About Newborn Sessions | Kansas City Photographer

Thinking about booking a newborn session but not sure what to expect?  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions from parents inquiring about newborn sessions.

The cost and what it includes:

My newborn sessions are $600 and include approximately 35 images, presented in both color and black+white for a total of approximately 70 images.  The session fee includes the digital files from the gallery as well as a print release, so you are free to print from a consumer lab of your choice.  I also offer a Bump+Baby discount – when you book either a mini or standard maternity session along with a newborn session, you receive a $50 discount.  See full pricing details here.

We schedule after your baby arrives, when baby is 6-14 days old. 

After you book, I’ll put your baby’s due date on my calendar.  The day or two after your baby finally makes her debut, just shoot me a text/call/email and we’ll schedule the session.  I prefer to shoot on the weekend if it falls within the 6-14 day range, but if not we’ll look at a weekday.  While I have photographed babies over 2 weeks old, in general, the older they get the harder it is to get them into the curly newborn poses.  They also start sleeping less and even when they are sleeping, they are much more touchy and wake up a lot easier.  On the flip side, I don’t like shooting before 6 days because I know from experience how much of a blur those first days are!  If you are breastfeeding, there can be a lot to figure out those first days and it seems like your teeny tiny baby just wants to eat all. day. long (or maybe that was just my personal experience!).  Not to mention you are probably up all night and basically a walking zombie during the day.  Six to fourteen days old really seems to be the sweet spot.

I come to you!

I come to your home!  I love doing this for several reasons – the biggest is it allows you to stay in and not worry about getting out with your new baby.  Parents also love that they can have some downtime at home during the session.  Many use the time to catch up laundry or dishes, hang out and watch TV or check emails, and even take naps.  While you are more than welcome to stay nearby and watch the session, it is not necessary at all.

I bring an assistant with me. 

Starting last year I bring an assistant with me to sessions and she is worth her weight in gold!  Having an extra set of hands right there for the entire session – a set of hands that have been trained on how to spot the baby, assist with posing, can see the signs of when a baby is about to startle or move – is invaluable.  I could have a parent do it, but my assistant is trained on exactly where to sit/stand and what to look for AND she is a lot more rested than a new parent!  This allows my parents to truly sit back and relax and enjoy the session (or tend to other things in the house).

I bring EVERYTHING needed for the session. 

Blankets, backdrop stand, posing beanbag, headbands, hats, fur rugs, baskets/props, space heater, white noise, and top of the line, professional studio lighting equipment.  Just about every hat, blanket, wrap and headband you see in the newborn gallery is provided by me.  I’m always happy to incorporate anything you have as well!

For shots with parents/siblings, I usually find two spots.  I like doing the more posed shots in front of blank wall (sometimes we take pictures down – I can “fix” nail holes in post-processing so no one is the wiser!) and I like capturing candid interaction in another well-lit area of the house like the nursery, your bed or a guest bed, living room, or outside if the weather allows.

My style is simple and focused on the baby.

I believe there is no greater miracle than a newborn baby, and I choose to have my newborn style reflect that.  If you notice in my newborn gallery, I keep the colors soft and neutral, the headbands sweet and simple, and the focus on the beauty and newness of the babies.  It’s not that I don’t like newborn pictures with bright, busy backgrounds or elaborate set ups with many props, it’s just not my personal shooting style.  I want your pictures to be timeless and entirely focused on the breathtakingly simple beauty of your new baby.

I like to get everyone in the pictures.

While the majority of the pictures are of the baby alone (usually 20-25 images), I also always get shots with Mom, Dad, and any siblings (usually 10-15 images).  I prefer for a few of these shots to be more posed in front of a neural background (such as a blank wall in your home or in front of a plain background I bring) as well as a few more candid shots of the whole family interacting in the baby’s nursery, on the parents’ bed, or in the living room (typically whichever has the best light).


Hopefully this will help answer your questions, but please be sure to contact me if you are wondering about any other aspects of your baby’s session!